Wednesday, 3 April 2013

You Know That Bloke They Found Buried in a Car Park?

Well this is the stone on which Richard III was allegedly killed in 1485 before his enemies carted him off to Leicester.  It was in one of the  fields where the Battle of Bosworth took place.  However it was getting in the way of a local farmer who needed to use his land for agricultural purposes so got moved to the nearby heritage centre.  This was the site of a rather enjoyable visit yesterday.

As someone for whom military history is not their bag, I had a pretty good time, especially as, apart from a £2.50 car park charge, our visit to the Country Park was free.  There are exhibits and activities for which there is a charge including a museum and bird of prey experiences but we needed none of these to complement our two hour yomp around the 1.75 mile interactive Battlefield trail.

Here's the Bosworth Boar, King Dickie's personal emblem.  I note in the gift shop that he's been copyrighted!  A brooch was recovered from the battlefield and was presumably worn by own of the knights.  Silver and pewter replicas are available to purchase or you can enjoy seeing the image of the fierce piggy fluttering on a flag in the breeze from a highpoint on the trail.

Here's Louis trying to summit a sundial before I told him to get down!

Here's a glorious view from the trail with some snow!  A novelty for us but our Midlander friends are sick of the stuff.

There's a train station halfway round where you can go all the way to Birmingham.  There are  days when old fashioned  steam locomotives but all we saw was a relative of good old diesel 10.

You can wind up some of the exhibits to hear an commentary about the battle.....

 others your hands are left free to eat some energy giving remnants of Easter eggs!

Here's King Dick's well.  It was here that the monarch allegedly drank.  I hope he had a sterilising tablet! This could have been the cause of his demise otherwise, rather than being tickled with an enemy sword.

I took  pictures of monochrome signs to provide inspiration for lino cutting.  You never know when you are going to come across ideas.

I'm not sure where we're off to today but will report back tomorrow from an overlooked area of the country that's rather beautiful and steeped in history.

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