Sunday, 19 May 2013

2013: The Rules: Another Update

My delivery from the postie got me quite excited on Friday because in advance of a jaunt over to the continent next week, the latest edition of  All the Aires arrived.  Not that I'm going to need it very much as I'll only have to use one of these free or cheap parking stops for my beloved motorhome once on this jaunt.  But there's a super exciting road trip coming up in the summer where I'll take the van over moors, mountains, to cities and the coast.  I'll need this veritable bible to plan where we going to rest up on route.    Watch this space!

Seeing that this is my only legitimate book purchase that my self imposed spending rules for 2013 allowed I thought that it was time to give you an update of how I've done.  Would the thrift police have sufficient evidence to lock me away?  Let's go through the list and find out.

  • Books:  Yes I've done pretty well here.  There's just this one caveated volume. Hard as it is,  I've managed to avoid  being tempted in charity shops and avoid new book sellers like the plague.  Instead I've stuck to the library and am bashing through the books that I already own.  The sneaky deal that I did with my brother may be viewed as a  grey area though.  He bought me some cookbooks and one about lino cutting in exchange for a Grayson Perry coffee table volume for himself.  Surely, as the tax men would say, that constitutes efficient planning rather than evasion and doesn't count as a trangression!
  • Shop bought lunches:  There's been a very occasional lapse but nothing to write home apart.  I can't recall the last time I succombed to this temptation. The expensive habit of supermarket sandwich buying has been well and truly broken.
  • Shelf consuming knick knacks:  No violations here since the Hornsea Pig.  As my defence, he is much admired and I do love him very much.
  • Cards and wrapping paper.   Here I've been very, very, very good.  Absolutely squeaky clean guv'ner.  I've made cards and Lou's birthday presents were wrapped in leftover Christmas paper.  And guess what?  He didn't even notice.
  • Craft materials:   May I point out the fact that I've already owned up  to buying printing supplies.  But they're going to be put to use very soon, I promise.
  • Kitchen gadgets:  Again, not guilty at all your honour! 
  • Alcohol for lone consumption.   As near as damn it, I've cracked the 'pouring a glass of wine after every hard day at work' habit.  I think I deserve a big pat on the back in spite of the occasional lapse.
  • Clothes except underwear after weight loss:  Ah! The thrift police would have me here!  I was pure as the driven snow until March but have since lapsed big time with charity shop and supermarket purchases.  How could I resist a £6 suede jacket or that perfect dress or three!  Perhaps I can get back on track before my next round up.  I do love my glad rags and this may have been a step too far.

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  1. Sounds like you've done rather well. I have to say, though, underwear is one of the purchases we make every six months or so. Unfortunately, cheap doesn't mean good quality.