Saturday, 11 May 2013


As the M&S advert goes, 'These are not ordinary plums dusted with a light coating of sugar.....'.  No, they're Asda Smart Price plums, hard as bullets and knocked down to 88p from an already economical £1.18 or suchlike.  I'm too lazy to remove the packaging from the bin to find out the exact prices.  But they were just the ingredient I needed to make my favourite dessert -crumble!

I don't make hot puddings very much as Louis is not keen on them.  But I'm back in Brixham and invited a lone Mr Metrosexual round for tea.  I had him to myself as  Ruff Stu cuts ladies' hair on Friday evening so was unavailable.  My last two meals for them have included culinary disasters due to being flustered because I had to deal with emergencies just before starting cooking.  The last involved calling out a plumber after instructions for washer changing on eHow proved insufficient for the job in hand,

Now crumble is one of the easiest peasiest recipes in the world and pretty failsafe.  Let me know if you've discovered different.  So I was pretty confident that I could knock up pudding without incident.  Take a quantity of plain flour, rub in half the weight of butter and then stir in half the weight of sugar.  I'm a semi-imperialist when it comes to weights and measures and find 6oz of flour and 3oz each of sugar and butter does the trick to top the fruit in one of my pyrex dishes.   Stick in the oven at 200 degreees until brown and bubbling et voila!........

...pudding manna from heaven.   All this needs is a good dollop of posh vanilla ice cream - or double cream does the trick when you find yourself in a house without a freezer!

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  1. I had plums similar to these from my local market last week. REALLY rock hard things, but lightly poached and spooned over madeira cake, custard poured over and voila! a "school" pudding to be proud of. I liked the way they (the plums) kept some texture. (Have just been catching up with you and think you have a wonderful looking home to look forward to).