Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bear on the Bay

As I'm on the subject of bears here's a message to Papa Lovelygrey.

'Dad, I never took Nicholas to university with me.  If I am very insistent like this on a subject I am 99.9999999% sure that I'm right.  He's still lying neglected in the loft or else you've been a very bad father and surreptitiously thrown my childhood bedtime companion away.  Either find him or own up and take your punishment!'

There!  Now that I've got that off my chest let's move onto another subject, Ebay.   'But I thought that you were going to give us some facts about bears, Lovelygrey?'  I hear the cries through the ether.  Okay, here's one. Bears are choosy about their alcoholic beverage.  One passed out in a campground in Seattle.  After sampling each of the beers in a cooler it chose just the brand it preferred for its drinking binge!

Oops, still not on topic so I'd better get to it.  After all there's a busy day ahead and I need to get to it.  A bear market is one where the market has lost confidence in stocks and share prices plummet.  The canny investor can get a bargain at a time when others are not buying but instead selling their wares.  And so it is on the world's most popular auction site.   Grab yourself a brilliant deal by thinking ahead to next winter and buying against the trend.  Whilst everyone out there seems to be stocking up on summer togs and garden bits and pieces some are making a bit of cash to do so by selling things that they don't need at this time of the year.  So fill your boots with wintery treats!  I've done just that and 'won' a pair of almost new ski boots for £28, a fraction of the price I'd pay if I'd waited until the weather got cooler and the thought of others are turning to more chilly pursuits.

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