Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Boring Stuff about Men in Grey Suits!

Finally after much mucking about I have bought a house! Photos and more about its location later.  I would have shown off my new pad in today's post but after exchange, property details disappear off Rightmove in a jiffy so I wasn't able to nick their photos in time.  I'll have to leave you all in suspenders for the time-being until I've got time to get my own camera out.

For any potential house buyers or sellers out there I'm going to give a free plug to my brilliant online advisers who've save me thousands.  London and Country Mortgages were ever so professional and found me a mortgage deal that bettered the one that I'd found myself.  Unlike the local broker they didn't charge a fee.

And Conveyquote has changed my view that all legal eagles are  not feathered friends but are snakes in the grass in disguise.  Through them I appointed bpl solicitors in Poundbury, the toytown of Prince Charles who charged me just £312 for the basic conveyancing work and were honest and upfront about their reasonable fees for a bit of extra work that cropped up.  Their communication was faultless and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

That gets the boring stuff over and done with.  It had to be mentioned because there are considerable one off saving to be had!  Further posts will be far more exciting and give you all a glimpse of the house that is to become my home in 2015!


  1. So pleased for you. Looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing some pics.

  2. Congratulations!

    We used London and Country when we moved too and they were great. They made a very stressful move a little easier.