Monday, 13 May 2013

Effing Gulls! Part 2

I had in mind to write something contemplative and uplifting this morning, perhaps about the power of mindfulness in everyday life. Instead I'm back on the topic of shite-hawks, the rather apt slang name for the herring gull that I've newly discovered. Thanks Wiki!

Yesterday there was a rumpus on the rooftops over the road from Great Tits' House(!) and I paused from my exterior painting to discover that one gull on the rooftop holding another who was slipping down the roof by the wing.  What looked like a heroic mountain rescue, which initially had me thinking that I had to seriously revise my opinion about these hulking seabirds was in fact a vicious attack. The 'rescuer' had grabbed its victim, the other by the wing as he was flying off and giving him an almighty drubbing.  Well, he won't be looking at other birds' missuses ever again!  The 'Spawn of Satan' label remains firmly in place.

I don't think I've mentioned that the herring gulls at the hospital where I work who liberally dowse our cars with their paint stripping poo.  Well, I was right there with matron, who as part of rooftop repairs installed a hawk kite.  We were gull free for a day and then they returned with a vengeance to mock the franking unconvincing fake prey bird.  If you're tempted to try this deterrent yourself don't bother with forking out the £150  - unless of course you want a blooming good laugh!

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