Monday, 6 May 2013

Effing Gulls!

For the last two days I've waxed lyrical about how perfect my new home and its environs are.  But I've found a downside of living by the seaside that didn't feature in the seaside idyll that I had in the head. A rather handsome herring gull glowered at me as I walked outside the front door.  It had removed the dustbin lid and was strewing vast quantities of the ex-owners' unwanted possessions down the windy street in its hunt for food.  Some rather strong persuasion was required that involved me waving my arms and uttering the expletive that makes up the title of today's post.  All that sea air  must have brought out my inner fish wife.

It wasn't until I was within about six foot of  that l it reluctantly flew away spilling its bowels in the process.  Any animal that uses its own poo as a weapon or a instrument of protest falls within the category of spawn of Satan!  I secured the overfull bins with some rocks but blow me down if it didn't happen a second time.  Both now have what looks like a rather substantial cairn to keep the garbage in until the bin men come.

Instead of the gentle lilting bird that awaken me in rural Devon I was brought back into the land of the living by the raucous laughter-like cry of the gulls on the roof.  And you better hold onto your pasty down by the Golden Hind for dear life. Otherwise the blighters will help themselves!


  1. Years ago while talking to a nursery group about emotions, I asked what made them happy. The seaside, donkeys, fairground rides were the answers. Ok so what makes you sad. One elfin faced 3 year old said "the bloody seagulls, they nick your chips." So beware the bloody seagulls, and hide your chips :)

  2. In the South African coast of Durban, they have similar issues. Except with monkeys. They have fitted the bins there with clamps that hold the lids in place so that they can't be removed.