Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Five A Day

We all like a good old moan about our employers.  Come on, admit it; You know you do!  My personal work related bug bear at the moment is the new computerised expense system introduced to stop us fiddling our mileage claims.  You just pop in the postcodes of A and B destinations after a sometimes lengthy search on Google and there you go.  It gives you the mileage for the shortest route between say, the hospitals at Totnes and Dartmouth, ten miles apart.

Hang on! Along with my colleagues, I have been claiming 13-14 miles for that particular journey the last nine years.   That's without taking into account the distance covered at each end whilst being held in a holding pattern for parking!  We defy anyone to do the journey in ten miles without a  helicopter or at the very least a state of the art  4x4 to traverse the mucky farm tracks.  The system kindly acknowledges that a longer distance route might be quicker so at our manager's discretion there is provision to claim the additional miles covered.  But all this pfaffing about takes far more time than when I just used to pop the figures on a trusty old spreadsheet.  And I didn't ever fiddle my figures.  Honest guv!

However my own particular nugget of the NHS, Devon Partnership Trust produces some jolly useful stuff that deserves to be publicised wider. It's a shame that it sometimes overlooked by a workforce overburdened by sometimes nonsensical bureaucracy.  For example some of the literature it has produced on recovery, helping people live well in spite of mental illness, is second to none.   And then there's this little booklet that I've unearthed that's so sensible and  useful that it's going to form the basis of groups that I'm soon to start.  You have peruse it further by clicking here.  It describes the '5 ways to wellbeing' and  suggests actions that individuals and organisations can take to look after their wellbeing.  What I like is that the ideas aren't just pertinent for those with serious mental health problems, they're universally applicable. I'll be delving more into this little booklet over the next few weeks to explore what I can practically do, with its help, to improve my va va voom!


  1. My wife and I have our own business. I wonder if I should start claiming miles from her?