Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Gannet City!

Bonjours mes amis!  It is I, Lovelygrey who has taking an imposed rest from blogging as finding Internet connectivity in this part of Brittany involves forking out wonga that I’m not prepared to part with!  However, I had a mini mental crisis last night and remembered that I hadn’t ordered the blinds that I needed for Great Tits House in readiness for the lodger who moves in next week.  So, I had to stump up 2 whole Euros for an hour long Internet pass from the bar at Le Ranolien where we’re staying.

Paying to go online is the only grumble that I have about this beautiful campsite perched on the cliff tops of the Granite Rose coast.  C’est superbe!  There’s  beaches and coast path walks just outside the site, indoor and outdoor family pools, a cinema that’s free so I’m finally get to see Argo and Life of Pi.  And wonder of wonders, there’s a spa so I’ve block booked five sessions where I wallow hippo-like in a haven of child-free tranquillity.

Yesterday we took a boat trip out to the Sept Iles, a archipelago that’s a nature reserve and the home of sea birds and seals.  Sadly the mammals didn’t make an appearance and my attempts to snap a photogenic puffin were pants.  But I am rather proud of my picture of the forty thousand strong  gannet colony.

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