Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Genius Recycling Idea Though I Say So Myself!

No-one would contradict me if I said that I was one of the messiest blighters who's ever lived on this planet.  Mama Lovelygrey said that, as a child, I could walk along a street without touching anything and I'd still get dirty.  So, it is, two days after leaving Great Tits House in Brixham I'm still covered in paint from my decorating endeavours.

Sensibly though, I didn't reach for my camera whilst my Jackson Pollock-esque body art was still wet.  It means that I didn't take a picture of the quick and easy recycling project that constitutes the subject of today's post but my camera has retain a uniform silver sheen. No matter, I can describe it easily.  If you take a plastic milk carton, cut off its bottom and then turn it so the lid is at the bottom, it makes a handy paint pot.  Once you've finished you can just return the unused contents back into its tin nice and neatly by opening the lid.  It doesn't stop you creating chaos whilst filling it in the first place!

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  1. That is a great idea! Now I need to decide on a room to paint...