Monday, 20 May 2013

How's That Diet Going?

Funnily enough that's a question being asked of me that's usually accompanied by a barely disguised snigger.  Rude!  Well, okay those that mock have a point.  For someone who's supposed to be calorie counting I'm seen tucking into hearty fayre, similar to this rather gorgeous Full English,  rather too often.  There's been rather a lot of revelry too involving calorific drinkies in celebration of  life in general.

But ha!  I have the last laugh. For today I weighed myself and, in spite of developing a rather serious fish and chip habit whilst working on my future Brixham home I am, six pounds lighter than my start weight.  That means I'm sticking to my target of losing a pound a week.  Slow but sure.  At this rate I'm sure to be skinny by 2020!

As on other occasions when following this type of diet I've now stopped logging my food and exercise intake.  What I find is, that once I've done this for a few weeks, recording every last crisp, nut or pace walked isn't necessary as I develop a feel for how much I can eat in relation to daily activity.  On days where I'm sloth like, a diet of battered catch of the day or indeed the grilled gurnard in garlic butter that I scoffed down at Simply Fish Saturday lunchtime is a no-no.  Whereas if I've been up a ladder painting all day those calories disappear in a puff of smoke.   Pooooof!


  1. My diet ended badly. I have my fortieth this weekend. AFter that, the homeopath has me on detox. Yay.

  2. You're going about it in much the same way as I did. I didn't cut anything out, just made sure calories expended were more than calories consumed. I've lost almost 50 lbs and kept them off, whereas I spent around 30 years before that being a yo-yo dieter.