Sunday, 5 May 2013

Perfect Seaside Idyll?

I'll put you out of your suspenders and finally tell you, that in two years time, I will be making my home in Brixham!  After swearing for the last two decades that I'd never ever, ever move into Torbay I've succumbed to the charms of this wonderful fishing port which, in character, is miles away from the towns of Torquay and Paignton that are lumped together under the same unitary council authority. They're the ones that I'm actually  not so keen on.  Terrible road access was the other nubby problem that put me off but a new bypass that is being built should make life a whole lot easier on that front.

What you get for your money here is rather amazing when compared to the other yachting and holiday centres along this South Devon coastline.  I can't believe that others won't get on the band wagon too causing a hike in property prices.  So that's why I've bought now and will be letting the house until we're ready to move here.   Delaying the decision to buy could have meant that I might have been unable to afford somewhere two years down the line that met our requirements so well.

But of course, when thinking about making a home economics can't be the only consideration when choosing where to live.  If it were, I might have been tempted by  those homes in Stoke on Trent being marketed for just one pound!  No, there's other factors at play. Lots of  friends live locally and those who don't will be sure to visit and stay in the swanky spare room I've got planned. It's brilliantly resourced with the South West Coast Path, marine activities and a swathe of local businesses and events right on my doorstep.  And it'll be convenient for work and school.  With all these plusses what's not to like?

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  1. Your house and its location (location, location) are great! I would love to live by the sea...