Thursday, 9 May 2013

Just Finishing Reading: My Policeman

If any of you lot out there in the blogosphere believe I've got time for reading at the moment then you've got another think coming!  I'm lying when I say that I've just finished this novel because I reached the end some time back.  Goodness knows where I first got it.  Although it's got a label from a book crossing scheme in Brighton I'm sure that I didn't pick it up from a park bench on my stay there.  Leaving a book somewhere for a stranger to find is a lovely idea although mine tend to be passed from friend to friend.

And so it is that  Scary Secretary and Mr Metrosexual have also read 'My Policeman'.  As they too enjoyed it very much I though I'd best share it.  It's set in 1950s Brighton and tells a story from the perspectives of two characters who both love the same man.  One is his wife and the other his gay lover.  It gives an interesting take on the social mores of the time and reveals just why gay men in the time before homosexuality was decriminalised in 1967 had to be very careful that their closet door remained firmly closed to avoid discovery.

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