Thursday, 16 May 2013


....not only for the crap image of a tearful puppy that's no doubt pooped somewhere inappropriate but also because I haven't blogged earlier today. But I have....

  • ...completed the Guardian crossword with only the tinsiest insiest bit of cheating.
  • ...dropped Salty Dog off at Totnes train station as she's off to warmer climes.
  • ...popped off to a double glazing merchants and ordered a new back door for Great Tits' House.  I reckoned that if a door needs to be made of more than 50% polyfilla it might require replacing.
  • ...wrote up two assessments
  • ...checked a letter and emails
  • ...attended a meeting
  • ...tried to set up my computer to work remotely from home sometimes.  This should be a breeze but you know how long these things inevitably take.
  • ...munched my way through a rather lovely lunch of ham, eggs and chips.  Not diet food but hell you only live once!  And it happens to be the only thing that I've had time to eat all day.
  • ...tidied the bedroom so I can now see the floor.
  • ...helped at the school disco 
  • etc., etc., etc.
And all this with a bit of a headache caused by revelry on a school night as it was Salty Dog's last  in the UK for a few months.  

So, now I've explained my tardiness, am I excused?

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