Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ugly, Wugly Furniture Makeover

Out of the goodness of my heart I'm sharing a recycling project that was brought to my attention via Interesting and Creative Designs that I subscribe to on Facebook.  In among my friends' comments about the health of their pets, everyday dillying and dallying and holidays planned and taken I get more inspirational posts than I could ever act on in a lifetime.

Here's something that I'll probably never make unless Lou supplies me with culinary minded grandchildren in the future.  We've a way to go yet as he's only ten and finds the idea of doing anything touchy feely with a girl rather abhorrent at the present time.

What's more, he doesn't need a play kitchen  as he's advanced to experimenting with real life appliances and gadgets.  Smoothies are his big thing at the moment.  He learnt the hard way that you really should put the lid on a blender before you turn it on!

But if I had a little one in need a tiny place to play, I reckon I'd be running off down the recycling hard or scouring Freecycle for an ugly wugly display cabinet and making something like this.  Full instructions are on the website of  Giggleberry Creations  if anyone's in need of a teeny pleasing project.

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  1. this is so clever! My girls had a small Fisher Price 'Hob' fixed to the top of a small bedside cupboard [we lived in a tiny flat!]