Friday, 17 May 2013

What Animal Would You Be?

Photo: Kirk
Did anyone see that strange sad  Channel 4 programme Dogging Tales backalong about people who have sex in public places with strangers?  Lord lummy, how bizarre!  I must reassure Mama, Papa and Nana Lovelygrey that it's not a hobby I'm thinking of taking up any time soon.  As I demonstrated yesterday I'm far too busy for one thing.  Moreover, my family and friends will be reassured to know that exposing my jubblies to all and sundry disguised as an animal in a  freezing cold car park isn't really my bag.

Nevertheless the programme got us talking at the office.  We briefly considered that a trip up to a secluded wooded spot could be an idea for our next work's night out but quickly settled on a nice pub meal instead.   Our other thread of conversation was pondering over what  mask we'd wear to preserve our anonymity. This is my choice!

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  1. I didn't see the show but weirdly I know far too much about this subject! I was told where the local site is near my house and all about the care home next to where it happens. Apparently the residents congregate in one of the rooms to "keep an eye out" for the meerkatters and as soon as they pop up over the dunes the police are called.

    Lovely stuff.