Sunday, 12 May 2013

What's In A Name?

Howdy to my friends in the US of A!  Now  you lot across the pond know that a 'knob' is a feature in a mountainous landscape whereas for us Brits the word can reduce us to childish sniggering.  For it's a term used to describe a man's winkie, yet another euphemism that might be lost in an international context.  Tricorner Knob may be an innocuous name for a hut on the Appalachian trail to you guys but for us it's something that sounds as if urgent medical attention is needed.

I've been giving thought to changing the name of my new home and, seeing as bits of my frontal lobes are probably missing, this was the first idea that I had!  Thankfully I'm not so disinhibited that I'll actually act on this, even though Mr Metrosexual is keen for this particular house name change to go ahead.   But I've been toying with including the word 'Grey' in my house name because a) that's the eventual colour of the exterior paintwork when I can afford to change it and b) it will reflect my hair colour and philosophy on life.  I was loving the plan until I met the neighbour over the road whose relative built the house  for her nana who named the house back then.  So now I know that I'm in a bit of a quandary.  Shall I keep the historic name that dates back to the 1930s, change it slightly to incorporate the word 'grey' or change it altogether when I move in?  I don't think my neighbour should be too offended if I reflect my ornithological bent and she has to live opposite Great Tits' House, will she?


  1. I was laughing before I'd even clicked on the actual post, just from the bit that appeared in my Google Reader thingy! I'll move mentally away from the words that made me guffaw and say that I am wondering what the name is that you wish to change? Some people say it is bad luck to change house names, but our neighbours changed theirs and they do not seem to have been struck down by ill-fate in the twelve or so years they have lived there. But I fear your ornithological choice MAY bring bad luck to you - in the form of a hoard of lusty sailors to your door...

  2. Like the idea of lusty sailors!