Saturday, 18 May 2013

Working from Home

Back titivating the Brixham house this weekend and the novelty of camping out in a near empty dwelling is wearing off.  It'll be wonderful when I move in properly beside the seaside but for now I'd prefer to be enjoying Lovelygrey Cottage on the edge of Dartmoor where there's a fridge, proper beds and all the other everyday stuff that it's so easy to take for granted.

So it was great when, this week, after months of fannying around I finally got secure remote access to NHS computers.   It meant that on Friday, I could enjoy working in my current home.  I saved the diesel associated with a day's commute, slobbed around in comfy clothes with the laptop on my lap and cracked on with reviews.  If I'd done these in the office I'm absolutely certain it would have taken longer because I'd have sought distraction from this ultra tedious task.   As an added perk I also took delivery of two parcels and was home so that a repair man could call.

I don't think for a moment I'd like home based working all the time as miss the hustle, bustle and bonhommie of the office. But having an extra option to manage where I work is sure to improve my quality of life and productivity.

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