Friday, 21 June 2013

5:2 Spending Diet

Here's an idea from the Guardian that I lurrve baby! There you go, I've gone all Barry White.  It must be something to do with this sultry weather.

 My preferred daily ran an entire feature on extending that 5-2 diet  that I myself have been using on and off.  The suggestion is that the five days of carrying on as normal interspersed by  two days of abstinence or, in some cases, a change of  behaviour, may be extended into other wide ranging areas of life.  Alcohol detox, relationship fixing and even worrying are all considered, the latter by Jon Ronson who is the absolute king of angst.  Follow the link for some entertaining and thought provoking reading.

My favourite ideas has got to be the 5:2 spending plan.  What a wonderful way of kicking start thrifty habits and fostering money saving habits for those who don't usually give a thought to their daily spending.  To my impoverished student friend who  can't  resist the urge of shop bought lunches with bottled drinks,  BOUGHT FROM THE RAILWAY STATION FOR GOODNESS SAKE, listen up!  It might be a jolly good idea for you.  You know who you are!  For us more accomplished thrifters and frugalistas, perhaps we might set ourselves an altogether harder challenge. How about reversing the digits and keeping to a 2:5 regime?


  1. That's too much of a shock first thing in the morning. SANDWICHES BOUGHT FROM THE RAILWAY STATION!!! Think I'm gonna be sick :o(

  2. This adds nothing to the debate but I love Jon Ronson!

  3. I like the idea of the 5:2 regime. FOr a long time now I have not been spending anything at the weekends! THis has not been hard. I just haven't been out. I have recently tried not spending anything on one of the work days. That is much harder for me. We have collections at work for colleagues who might be sick or be having milestone birthdays. We have a lottery syndicate. Snacks. I have been taking only the amount of money I need for things that I really have to buy. I can do that but often I have to break into a note and then I'm tempted to spend some of the change. I'm inspired now to have one regular working day when I don't buy anything. I'll make it Monday so that it's done and then I can let you know how I've got on. Does anyone else feel a bit insecure if they don't take a few pounds out with them? a bit pathetic, and something I need to get over. As long as I've got enough lunch and snacks there's really nothing to worry about.