Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Alarm Clock on L'Amorique

Evening all!  My life is completely out of synch at the moment. But I suppose that's to be expected after rushing around like a blue arsed fly  for a couple of months and then heading off to lands afar  leaving Lovelygrey Cottage looking like it had been burgled.  It's time to get  my house in order in order but I'm not in a desperate hurry to get things shipshape.  Why waste that relaxed feeling that I've cultivated during a week on the Brittany coastline?

What I'm very excited about sharing today is that I've found the wake up music that they play on L'Armorique, the Brittany Ferries boat that sails between Plymouth and Roscoff.  You'd think that a  few blasts on the ship's horn would be a fitting way to rouse those slumbering in the luxury of a cabin or, for the less lucky,  from their uncomfortable roost under a table in a public space.  No, instead you are lulled into the land of the living by a snippet of gorgeous Celtic music, played on traditional instruments.  The sight of the dramatic  coastline through a porthole with its rocky islands, little boats and lighthouses along with this early morning soundscape is enough to create sensory ecstasy, a fitting start to a holiday, I think you'll agree.

I searched high and low so that I could recreate fond memories of many arrivals on French soil in the comfort of my own home.  Now I've found the track, Troellenn by a Breton band, Dremmwel.  Utterly gorgeous. I hope you'll agree.

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  1. Yes, I enjoyed that wake-up music too. If your French isn't up to negotiating a download from their site you can order the CD from the ubiquitous Amazon for about a tenner.