Monday, 3 June 2013

Art Education: Lovelygrey Style!

Barbapapa and Barbamama: Post Weightwatchers

Skeleton on Toilet

Wallace and Gromit's New Girlfriends
Who Broke My Rainbow?
Scary Secretary:  Above Her Station
Megablok Man
Meathead and Mallet
A Slice of Lemon with Your G and T Sir?
Hey guys!  My blogging silence is over and Scary Secretary and I are back with the kids from the beautiful Breton coast.  How is it that after a holiday that you can feel both rested and exhausted at the same time?  I've gathered together a few bits and pieces from my time away to share as posts over the next week or so.  Today's offering resul tfrom our little afternoon jaunt to Ploumanac'h Sculpture Park, a short wander from our campsite.  If you ever fancy a visit this place should be easy to find being on the main road from Perros-Guirec to the village.  But then someone said the same about the Super U at nearby Tregastel yet I spent a couple of hours circling on my bike until dehydration set in before  I finally found that.

I love a bit of art and gravitate towards exhibitions especially if they're free like this permanent display of nineteen sculptures most of which seem to have been hewn from the granite local to this spot.  But don't expect any highbrow analysis from me although occasionally I am emotionally stirred by what I see or overwhelmed by a person's artistry or technique.  My main objective is to have fun and with kids in tow,  I devised a game to engage them.  Above are some of our ideas from our 'Name that Statue' game!

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