Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Chipping Away

Photo: Wknight94
I was filled with glee in anticipation of having to find a hunky woodcutter picture to  jazz up this post.  Not the most onerous task for a heterosexual female I have to say. It didn't take too long to find this one of a chap strutting his stuff at an Alaskan lumberjack event.  Muscular men wielding axes do it for me - when they're using them on wood that is, and not in some nasty  psychopathic murderous way!  Talking of violence I've just watched 'Scum' in the process of researching that forthcoming bestseller.  Jolly useful I have to say although viewing pleasure I'd much rather catch an episode of something far gentler.  Along the lines of the Great British Sewing Bee maybe.

Let's get on with the subject to hand. Today's post is about cleaning.  Nice guess if you;re now thinking that  I'm going to come up with some handy hint about how I'd made my deep fat fryer like new again using a stange concoction made out of something like ketchup and Arm and Hammer.  This could work given the vinegar content of the sauce and the abrasiveness of toothpaste but I don't even own one to try it on.  What I want to talk about is how satisfactory it's been to assign a whole month to spring cleaning slowly rather than forgoing a whole weekend to undertake, what is ultimately, a thankless task.  As I've shown before, using my knicker drawer as a pertinent illustration,  as chaos does indeed reign supreme.  It'll only need doing again in the not too distant future especially as I've got a ten year old in tow.

I'm doing jobs for fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe half  an hour at a push.  And slowly,slowly by chipping away at the dust and the clutter, the house is getting tidy again after a month of neglect when I was working on my future Brixham home.  What it means,at this busy time of the year, is that I haven't had to turn down any of the lovely invites or miss out on festivals, exhibitions or trips just because I'm doing the household equivalent of washing my hair!

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