Sunday, 23 June 2013

Days Out in Devon: The River Exe Cafe

Today I'm going to give instructions for how to visit what has to be one of the coolest bar/restaurants in Britain.

Firstly park your motorhome for the night right up  to the edge of where the car park meets the sea at  Exmouth Harbour.   Be bold and get up close.  With a decent handbrake you shouldn't fall in!   Pay either £8 for the night or £12 for a full twenty four hour period at the kiosk or, if that's not open,  in the seafood shop to the right of the parking

Take the water taxi from the harbour. The capable skipper will know where to point the boat so even Jack from the US of A doesn't have to worry about getting lost on route.    He'll take you on a twenty minute jaunt up to the River Exe by a circuitous route. Don't ask if he can't get there quicker by taking a short cut across the sandbanks!

Oooh, it's getting close!  Do you see that thing between the boats that looks like someone has decided to set sail in their shed?  That's where the ferryman is heading for.

Once there you won't find it's a place to keep your bikes and garden tools.  Don't be stupid there isn't a lawn to be mowed anyone in the vicinity.  It's a bar and restaurant!

Seeing that that British summers have taken a turn for the worse, allegedly because of the warming of the Atlantic,  it can be a bit chilly.  That's why those thoughtful people at  River Exe Cafe have got blankets for you to borrow.  Or nick your Mum's festival poncho if she's sensible enough to keep one in her motorhome

What to order?  The fish of the day is a good choice......


...or how about baked crab artfully garnished with a broad bean and samphire salad.  You could even add a dollop of good old Heinz Tomato Ketchup if it takes your fancy!

Blimey that's a bit close!  It's not every day that you get spied on by passengers on a tourist boat whilst tucking into supper.

The lavvies are on deck but they're not too tricky to find!

There's plenty of space to get some fresh air, even tables outside on deck for those who don't mind shivering their timbers!

You might have to make your own entertainment whilst waiting for the water taxi to take you back to shore. Feeding wasabi coated nuts to a ten year old is suprisingly good for a laugh.

Or how about letting the kids borrow a camera so they can take their own scary shots.  I'm sure that  Joyce didn't realise that this was part of the deal when she flew home all the way from Australia.

Get the ferry back to shore.   How come Louis wrangled a seat in the cosy cab........

...whilst the rest of us risked a  right royal splashing outside?

Thanks to Jack's mum and dad, Martha and Nigel for treating us all to a lovely and unusual evening out.  And to Vicky, Louis' favourite waitress and the rest of the staff for the warm welcome, lovely food and great atmosphere.  Let me try to re-arrange my diary so that we can return before the restaurant closes for the season at the end of September!

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