Saturday, 15 June 2013

Design: Making the World A Better Place

Goodness, I'm still living on the leftovers of last weekend and it's already Saturday again.  Who'd have thought it! The main thing that induced me to visit London last weekend was the Design Museum's  exhibition showcasing the finalists in the Designs of the Year Awards 2013.  If you hurry up and get down there before 7th July you too can catch the show that comes highly recommended by Lovelygrey.  What better endorsement can there be?

A feature on Radio 4 about it whetted my appetite to go. It highlighted the fact that not all design is about style over substance.  There are people out there beavering away to make real improvements to the live of others.  Funnily enough it was this Colalife anti-diarrhoea kit that really caught my imagination when I heard about it.  It cleverly fits between the Coca Cola bottles that are delivered to third world villages, giving much needed medical supplies a free piggy bank to the people with dodgy bottoms that need them.  We're talking about a life threatening disease here, not just a few days of inconvenience after a seafood slap up.

Well what else can I show you? I took loads of photos.  Let's skip the Louis Vuitton and Prada. Instead we'll home in on these Child Vision glasses, another idea aimed to tackle disadvantage.  Many children in the world don't have access to opticians, never mind the funds to pay for specs to correct poor sight.  Distribution partnerships have been set up to get these cheap fluid filled lenses  to those who need them.  The amount  of liquid in the lenses can be easily adjusted by the child themselves until they are able to see.  With kids being kids,  no doubt there'll be some mucking about too.  Hey! let's visit  Blurryworld!

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