Thursday, 6 June 2013

Duck Eggs Flamenco

The Pirate keeps giving me beautiful duck eggs  bought from  a bloke in his local. Honestly it's like a mini-mart down  there!  Personally, I go to the pub for a pint and not to do my weekly shop.

Beautiful food stuff calls for simple but special treatment.   I thought I'd whip up something in the motorhome last week to use up leftover ingredients from other meals but showcase those yummy eggs that I'd brought with me.

I settled on huevos a la flamenco, a Spanish dish that's not too dissimilar from a frittata except that the eggs remain intact.  It calls for any chopped vegetables and meat My basic mix normally consists of   chopped onion, sliced garlic, cubed carrots and potatoes and chorizo or chopped bacon fried in a bit of olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and smoked paprika.  Then I add anything else that looks like it might be tasty and add colour to the dish.  This particular version contained halved cherry tomatoes, green beans, a bit of leftover spinach and parsley but the world is your oyster.  Chicken, chilli, sausage sweetcorn, peas. mushrooms, squash.....all these are worthy additions.  A bit of grated cheese stirred into the mix doesn't go amiss either. Once the onions are softened and the potatoes and carrots are on their way to be cooked, crack eggs into little wells in the mixture and keep on the heat until set.

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