Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fill Those Dimples

I have to say that I've done rather well with the 2013 rule that forbids the purchase of shop bought lunches. Only a couple of dalliances have been recorded.  It's rather a good job that there's no severe punishment involved when there are breaches of my own self enforced legislation.   I'd have lost body parts and been locked up in solitary confinement by now.

The expensive plastic encased sandwiches have been eschewed and replaced by rather more creative fayre.  This does not mean I'm too be found slaving away in the kitchen each morning, whilst bawling fishwife-like at Louis in a vain attempt to get him  to clean his teeth. Lots of my lunches are prepared at the desk.  I keep a big pack of spreadable butter in the fridge, free for the masses to use when they wish.  Supplies are procured from local shops and kept in the fridge.  They often last a few days.  A staple offering is Ryvita, that old 1970s diet favourite, now rebranded to appeal to a wider audience.  Do you remember the debates about whether to put spread on the flatter side of the cracker or let it ooze into the dimples on the other.  Fill your boots with butter I say!

This is my latest invention for a topping.  Take  buttered Dark Rye Ryvita, spread with hummous and top with a smattering of vegetable crisps.  A big bag lasts for ages as a garnish.  This doubly crunchy delight is totally delicious.


  1. they look so good and healthy too!

  2. I wouldn't be able to exercise the self-restraint, all the beetroot crisps would be gone out of the bag in seconds! My, but I love those bags of vegetable crisps (Lidls? That's where I get mine, well, get pretty much everything really....)