Friday, 14 June 2013

I Won! I Won!

My regular readers must be way used to my  dreams and schemes by now.  Here's yet another one!  The idea of working more flexible hours doing a hotchpotch of things that will bring in a similar income to the one from my NHS job isn't going anyway anytime soon.  I'm going to share with you the latest madcap way I'm trying to make a mint.

I've been during a little experiment for the last couple of months and spending 20-30 minutes a day completing online competitions via the rather excellent Prizefinder site.  My target is to enter about ten a day.  It's usually a few more but occasionally less; only four last Saturday.   A little flurry of activity occurs on the last day of the month as there's way more closing dates then.  I'm only entering competitions for things that I would like personally or could sell on to someone else.  This is supposed to be an income generating exercise after all.   The day that I tried my luck for a rampant rabbit vibrator AND a wilderness experience on some tropical island was an aberration.  Had I have won both, would I have taken my newly acquired sex toy on my travels.  Or would I have passed it onto the anonymous friend who said she'd have it as she'd broken the ear off her own device through overuse!

Now I must now have entered in the region of a thousand competitions and was starting to think the whole thing was a swizz when I received an email saying that I'd won a Burgen breakfast set.  Although artisan seedy bread is way up there on the list of things I like to eat,  I was feeling rather underwhelmed that all my efforts hadn't resulted in something rather more substantial.  A car filled with loaves perhaps?  Then  I  looked up what I'd actually won.  Along with some of the company's products, which sound rather yummy, the prize consists of  a Dualit toaster and kettle which are going to be winging there way to me next week. Yay!  That's posed a bit of  a dilemma.  Do I keep my shiny new appliances?  I've always lusted a bit over those toasters but pooh-poohed the idea of stumping out so much money on a simple kitchen appliance.  Or do I  adhere to my hard hitting business strategy and convert them to cash on Ebay?


  1. Well done!

    If it's something you have really liked the look of for a while, it's something you'll use (of course it is) then why not keep it?

    You've won it, it cost you nowt, there will always be something else to sell but not necessarily something else you really want to keep.

  2. Keep. I got my toaster for Christmas, having lusted after it for years. Still feel happiness every time I toast.

  3. As your very first win, I would keep it as a reminder - perhaps it will attract more prizes?

    Well done BTW.

  4. Oh you guys are so wise. I especially like the idea of keeping it as a reminder of my first win and it bringing happiness everytime that I toast. I think I'll keep it. The kettle we use at work is just a cheapie so I think I'll gift my old one there. And I think I know of a home to my old toaster too! x