Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Out Of the School Bag

Let me know if I'm being a tight wadded misery guts here.  School, who seemingly think that parents have bottomless pockets,  have sent a letter home giving notice of a two night trip that they've arranged for Louis and his year group in a residential centre less than ten miles from home. It's due to take place in June 2014.  The reason why we're being told about this so far in advance is to give us an opportunity to spread the exorbitant cost over the next year.  I wouldn't want him to be left out so of course he's going but not before I have a good old moan!

For those without kids, let me try to put things  into perspective even though a direct comparison isn't possible.  Louis' Cub and Scout camps are £30 and £70 this year for a weekend and week respectively.  They offer a similar range of activities to the school trip but in tented accommodation with volunteer leaders  who like those  at the residential centre are all 'suitably trained and qualified' .  I'm hoping that I can bring next year's skiing holiday including a stay in a four star hotel,  flights, transfers, lift passes, equipment hire, ski school and our spending money in for below £1,500 for the two of us next year.  That'll be a nightly cost of just over £100 each for an outdoor pursuit that's got a far more robust reputation for being expensive than the circus skills, archery and orienteering that Louis will be taking part in with his friends.   So how is it that a two night stay for a child in dormitory accommodation a whopping £207.50 each or over £9,000 for the entire year group if they all go.  Someone it making a mint here.   Perhaps if these trips were met out of school budgets rather than parents pockets, then the organisers might think more carefully about how to be creative and get those costs down to a much more acceptable level!


  1. With 2 years notice, that gives you enough time to get other parents together to make a reasonable complaint to the school that this trip is overpriced! I am concerned that too often parents either capitulate and pay up, when they cannot really afford it, or make their child the one in the class who misses out.

  2. I agree with Angela. All the parents need to get together and complained to the school. No one wants their child to be left out of school trips, but these over inflated prices are disgusting. I guess as long as parents stump up this sort of money, the people running these activities will call the shots.

  3. Well said and totally agree with you. My 3 are now all growed up but havehad their fair share of trips, cubs, scout,brownies and guides camps in their time. Youngest is still at college and the trips dont seem to get cheaper sadly. She did a trip to Germany earlier this year to stay witha family, not an exchange though and it cost nearly £650 for 5 days butthey flew so suppose it wasnt so bad.
    What used to annoy me was when they said the school trips were a voluntary payment - paying for the teachers and the hangers on more like!