Friday, 28 June 2013

Out of the Freezer

I was going to take a picture of the contents of my shopping basket that was full of stuff from the reduced section at the supermarket to illustrate this post.  However this wasn't a very aesthetically pleasing shot.  So I decided that as my readers are clever enough to put two and two together I'd go for a subject that gave a sense of the chilly environment that I'm going to talk about.  And who out there doesn't like penguins?  Unless I have an audience of psychopathic bird haters  I believe I'm onto a winner!

This is another post directed at Spendy Spendy Student who, you'll all be pleased to know, has stopped buying her sandwiches at the station.  Hurrah!  Here's a  second message that Scary Secretary and I want to get home to her.  She's not just learning about nursing in our team.  Thrift is right up there on the agenda too.  It's how the gang operate so that they have money over after essentials for a rollicking good time.  So, Spendy Spendy, ditch those ready meals and take heed of Scary's favourite frugal mantra:

                                    Your Freezer is Your Friend!

Scary Secretary and I have discovered that we use our limited freezer space in different ways.  She is a batch cooker, cooking and dividing large portions for consumption at a later date.  There's a few tubs of home made ragu in my drawers (ooh missus!)  but the main bulk of the space is taken up with meat and fish gleaned from the reduced section of the supermarket chill cabinets. Bakery products sometimes get a look in if there's room as well.  And what about the tiny ice box in the motorhome?  Well you won't find any savoury stuff here.  That's reserved for ice cream cones so that I'm now always shelling out for expensive holiday treats.

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  1. My freezer is a three way split drawer one - batch cooking and peas, drawer two -reduced stuff, drawer three - ice cubes and cool packs for rabbits.

    I do like the fact you also have your own version of an icecream van too.