Sunday, 9 June 2013

Picking It Up Where I Left It

Remember that novel that I planned a good nine months ago?   Surprise, surprise, with everything else that's been going on in my life the blueprint was  largely left to molder on a metaphorical shelf situated way towards the back of the old noggin.  Recently though, I've made a bit of progress stirred on by an ever increasing desire for a far more flexible life than working within the NHS can ever give me.   Writing for a living is incorporated into a  much larger and eclectic escape plan.  But it's no good scheming and dreaming without a bit of action so I've given myself a kick up the butt and getting on with it.

After drafting a storyline back in September I seemed to fall at the first hurdle when I realised that a bit of research to develop my main character's background was going to be essential. Googling wasn't coming up with the goods that I needed but a cry for help on my Facebook page has yielded a few leads.  I probably need to veer from my normal film watching preference and, yikes!, sit through Scum.   Yet again,  I've veered away from the 2013 rules and bought an obscure book about young offenders that isn't available in the library.  Furthermore some dodgy geezers might agree to come out of the woodwork and talk to me about their misspent youth. Gulp!  All this is needed to complete chapter 1.  Thankfully after this the plot gets much less harrowing.  I promise that for those with a sensitive disposition that they'll be a fluffy bunny incorporated into the story at some point AND he won't get boiled!

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  1. I love your blog. Life is definitely not black and white. It's all about just doing things I think, not worrying about whether you'll be good at them or not. It's taken me years and years to learn not to abandon things if they're not going perfectly. That's the antidote to depression, in my opinion, just to go for things without worrying about the outcome or other people's opinions - easier said than done. I too have gone through depression after depression and it's only now after many years that I am beginning to see things differently.
    I am also trying to write, which is why I am commenting on your great post. It is easy just to put writing ambitions to the back of your mind but I am trying to write for 20 minutes a day, no matter how I feel. Some days I might do half an hour, some days I don't want to bother at all but I just push myself to do it, even if I feel I'm not writing anything useful, and some days I just can't stop because it's going so well. They're the really great days!
    I am trying to write a biography so slightly different to your fiction. My subject has died so I am doing my research on the net and through books. Will you be visiting your local Young Offenders Institute! Good luck with your writing. I would like to be in contact with someone else who is writing, just for some encouragement and any constructive advice. Nothing time consuming, just the odd encouraging word. I could do the same for you if you like. What do you think? Are any other of your readers having a go at writing something? Hope to hear from you on your blog or on mine -