Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sewn Up Storage Solution

I thought I show off a rather stylish use for old cotton reels  that I saw on one of the stalls at the Contemporary Craft Fayre.  They're displaying the lovely folded ribbon necklaces made by Nikki Ainscow who trades through as Maneggi at Not On the High Street  as well as a few other online marketplaces.   When I'm a bit more flush I'd rather fancy one of her leather petal necklaces.  Go hither and follow the link to see if you like it too.

This is a nifty storage solution that'll have to wait until I move into Great Tits House  as I can't use it at Lovelygrey Cottage.  It'll give me time to source those bobbins.   In rented accommodation you can't just go around making a million holes in the walls unless you want your work cut out at the end of the tenancy.  You have to restore the property to its pre-let state  although lord knows how I'll restore the tar-like mould that I scrubbed off some of the window frames.  I just wish I'd know that you can get  Removable Picture Hooks   before I went around the house hammering in those little brass jobbies!

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