Saturday, 29 June 2013

Thrifty Ski: But Book Early!

During one of the hottest spells of this year so far my thoughts have turned to my winter skiing holiday!  It was finding out about that super expensive school trip that provided me with the poke up the bottom to start the ball rolling around its organisation.  After all I want to get the cheapest deal possible for what can be a rather expensive old do.

Two years ago I wrote on the same subject.  Now, I'm a single parent and on a much more restricted budget it's even more imperative that my money works for me.  Here's my plans for this year.

  • Even though those teachers out there may be tut-tutting I'm taking Louis out of school rather than taking our holiday at half term.  After all the professionals aren't the only ones who provide his education.  To up the learning experience I've tacked on a couple of nights in Barcelona where we'll be staying in a hospital.
  • Flights from Bristol have been arranged through Easyjet. Booking early really brings down the cost.  Our luggage will be restricted to one bag in the hold so we'll have to be savvy with our packing.
  • I've bought a pair of boots on Ebay after the ski season to save on rental costs again and again.  
  • I've scoured the Internet for the hotel we want to stay in that's slap bang on top of the ski lifts.  Okay booking a 4 star with a spa seems an extravagance too far but having those facilities cuts down on extra costs for entertaining ourselves while we're in the resort.  It also means we'll have a mini bar in our room, ideal for storing beer and soft drinks that will save pounds off the bar price.  There's free Wi-Fi in the public areas so I use Skype to phone and save on those extortionate international call costs.
  • Paying upfront on a debit card saves on card fees for flights and hotel.
  • What's really pleased me this year is that I booked my hotel from Thomas Cook Holidays through Quidco.  This old established travel firm offered the cheapest deal and I'm getting a whopping 11% back.  The discount also applies to their summer rates too so if you're planning to go away
  • Instead of hiring the car I'll be booking the transfer bus from the airport.  It was tried and tested last year and the pleasant fuss-free journey was cheaper than the cheapest car hire.
  • Although there's little saving to be had I'll be shopping around for the cheapest equipment hire costs.
That's all the snowy saving tips I can think of for now.   Perhaps they'll be sufficient savings to be had for some of you who believed that they couldn't possibly afford this type of swanky holiday to join us on the slopes.  See you in January!

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