Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wire is the New.....Paint!

Let's do a quick-ish one today as I'm bogged down with boring stuff.  I'm on a mission to find a new gas hose for my motorhome but the fitting is about twenty years old and its going to be a toughie.  There's a furniture delivery to be arranged (more on that soon!) and a carpet fitter in Torquay needs a right royal rollicking for not doing his job properly.  Grrr!

None of these thorny problems can be illustrated with pretty pictures so I'm showing you these instead.  They're photos I took at the recent Contemporary Craft Fayre at Bovey Tracey, works by Celia Smith and Helaina Sharpley who've convinced me that as far as wall art goes wire is where it's at.  I might give it a go myself when I'm not sorting out errant tradesmen or sourcing obscure plumbing supplies.  Here's a medium that can pick out detail, can't be spilt and casts beautiful shadows that give the artworks a dynamic quality.

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