Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Little Corner of Cornwall

I'm always a bit reluctant to show pictures of my kitchen in case some obsessive compulsive cleaner blows up the image to the size of St Paul's Cathedral and then pinpoints any grubbiness!  But ho hum, when you live between black and white, hygiene sometimes goes slightly amiss so I have to cope with the fact that someone out there will no doubt think that I am a dirty mare.

Behold my latest Bernard Moss acquisition that's living with modern day Cornish compatriots from TG Green.  Its been put to good use as a place to store my Options hot chocolate.  No wonder the fish on the jar are happy blighters.

And there's more Mr Moss pottery too boot.  If you follow this link back you'll see what I've written about this talented potter before.  What was great was that his daughter contacted me after reading my posts.  Sadly her father died last year but she was really pleased that his work was still enjoyed.  I was touched.

Anyway, I have a fantasy that doesn't involve Gerard Butler and a vat of tangerine jelly.  Gerard, if you ever read this and would prefer a different flavour I'd be happy to accommodate......Now where was I?

Ah yes, the fantasy involves wandering around charity shops and stumbling on one of Bernard Moss's beautiful blue and white figurines for about 50p.   I came sort of close last week when I found this lovely souvenir dish with the distinctive Moss, Mevagissey mark on sale in Dame Hannah's  wonderfully eclectic shop for a tenner!

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  1. Lovely old pottery! I saw Gerard Butler at Wimbledon yesterday (not in person, you understand, but on the telly - otherwise I probs wouldn't be here at the computer right now!) and I thought he looked rather in need of some tangerine jelly!