Tuesday, 30 July 2013

No Wasteful Extras

After a night of  self administered TLC there's been a vast improvement in the knee situation. I can hobble around quite respectably if I'm wearing a knee brace and as such driving is not out of the question either.  That exercise regime that I was going to start yesterday has flown way out of the window.  It must have been God's way of telling me not to start it ;)

So let's move onto a thrifty topic for the day shall we?  BT are the provider for my internet, phone and TV service.  I'm generally pleased with them.  The clincher is the unlimited anytime calls, handy for someone who's often home in the day.  There's also Freeview TV and 10Gb of Internet use.  Receiving a message on the 29th of the month  from them stating that I've used over 8Gb of my surfing allowance doesn't perturb me.  In fact I'm giving myself a self-congratulatory pat on the back as I'm making the most out of the deal I've paid for.

There's an extra charge of £5 per 5Gb if I go over my allowance.  I think I've done this once and feel that this is a reasonable charge.  So why are BT encouraging me to buy a monthly package costing at least £16 monthly to increase my broadband limits to way beyond what I've historically used?  It doesn't make good sense to me and served as a useful reminder to tell you lot that if you're buying a product that includes a myriad, check that you're actually going to use what you're paying for!

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