Monday, 29 July 2013

Bad Night, Bad Day

Regular readers know that I'm an eternal optimist, looking on the bright side even when things really go tits up.  And so, after a truly appalling night's sleep I convinced myself that this wasn't predictive of an terrible day ahead.   Good things were going to happen even though the bags under my eyes are hanging so low that they could make a makeshift bag for a smaller lady.

How wrong can I be?  I've been hit with a plague of minor catastrophes and then two hours ago there was  a big one that rendered me nearly incapacitated.  I did the thing where you miss the last step on the stairs and ended  up in a crippled wailing heap at the bottom.   That cruciate ligament that I used to have would have absorbed the shock. Instead I've got a knee like a balloon and can't face milling around with the crowds of holidaymakers that throng to the local minor injuries units at this time of year.  Louis is at Scout camp so I'm going to have to deal with this alone.   Lets see if I can crawl around and gather together some food, drink, anti-inflammatory medication and yes a pack of frozen peas.  My inner Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is convinced that if  I can keep going until the morning when I'll re-evaluate the situation.  Tomorrow has to be a better day!


  1. Hi. if I lived nearer I'd drop off some anti-inflammatories - or a bottle of red which I think(as a nurse!) works better anyway!! Take care

  2. Oh dear, that's a bit of a pain in the buttocks. Good excuse to slob about.

  3. Take care and spoil yourself as much as you can