Monday, 15 July 2013

Beanotown: Just Bring a Box For Gnasher

Now Louis is a massive fan of a good old-fashioned comic.  So, it was with great excitement that he heard that until 8 September Beanotown has pitched up at the Southbank Centre on the bank of the Thames. Normally an event themed around a popular character costs a tidy sum.  Thomas the Tank Engine's appearances at railway stations up and down the country spring to mind.  Consequently I deprived my toddler and he never met his former steamy hero in the flesh.  But Beanotown is free and  I can run to that.
Among the exhibits there's precious artwork from the comics of yesterday. a tin can shooting gallery and of course a shop and cafe.   And yes, the reading room.   Louis would have quite happily have curled up on a beanbag in the reading room poring over the  back issues of the Beano annual that have up to now evaded own rather magnificent collection.  Being honest,  I have to say that, unless you're a ten year old boy with a penchant for Dennis the Menace and Korky the Cat, a tour isn't going to entertain many people for  a whole day.   But the event is part of a bigger Festival of Neighbourhood so there's plenty to see and do in the surrounding area.

The best bit though was that we both took part in a model making workshop with an animator from Aardman.     Luckily there was a few spaces left for the grown ups to take part too.  Yes, a totally free class from a man who's made a few Gromits in his time. That's him, the beardy fellow in the background, a plasticine wielding maestro extra-ordinaire, teaching us how to make our very own Gnasher in easy step by step instructions.

For those that are interested there's a number of differently themed workshops on each weekend that the exhibitioin runs.  I've added the timetable here.   I see that Gnasher modelling will be repeated on the 24/25th August.

Do you want to see my Gnasher?  Now there's an offer that no-one could refuse.  Well here he is, incomplete because there wasn't time to cover him with spikes.  Sadly he didn't survive the train journey home and became siamese-twinned with Louis' model in spongebag.  No matter, I now have the know how to resurrect him from the Newclay modelling material that's made just down the road from here.  It's the stuff that Aardman use.  What's good enough for Shaun the Sheep is good enough for me!

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