Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Connecting 1

It is with some excitement that I'll be heading off to the French town of Condom during this summer's main holiday, a drive between the ferry ports of Santander and Roscoff.  Yes, there is likely to be a post with a photo of me, taken by Louis, grinning inanely by the town sign.  He might even understand the joke as the dreaded primary school sex education lessons are in the offing this half term.   I'm bracing myself for some nubby questions.

Puerile curiosity isn't  the only reason why I'm heading there.   I'm catching up with an old friend who I've reconnected with through blogging.Have you ever searched for yourself on Google?  It's difficult for those of us with common and garden names but for those with more unusual ancestry and parents who were imaginative in their choice of first names,  its a breeze.  And so it was that Claudine Wakeman Reynolds  found herself and her childhood bunk bed on one of my previous blog posts.  She left my secondary school when she was about 13 or 14 and then we met briefly on a course as we ended up working for the same large accountancy firm.  I'm happy to say we've both jacked in that particular soul destroying trade.  I'm trawling the lanes of Devon looking for sick people to heal when I'm not out and about in an ancient motorhome.  She, however, has ended up  near to the South Western French town named after a rubber johnny with her family and a menagerie that includes llamas!

I'm using this story to illustrate 'Connection' one of the 'Five Ways of Wellbeing'. There was going to be just a singular post on this topic but its scope is so vast it could run and run. The booklet I'm referring to suggests that connecting with others can be viewed as cornerstones underpinning our lives and consequently it's worth investing time and energy in building them.  It seems sad that there are s many people in this hyper connected world who are lonely.  The World Wide Web affords us with so many opportunities to rectify this and get involved.  So get out and explore.  Find old acquaintances, catch up with those in your social networks and see if you can engineer some meaningful face to face rendez vus with those who haven't seen for a while!

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  1. Could you pass on my regards to Claudine? We were at college together & shared a flat - lost touch with her a few years after we left.