Friday, 5 July 2013

Favourite Muppet

I'm still churning out those competition entries and truly hope that my second win will be around the corner very soon.  Will it be the Xbox 360 and Kinect offered by Tots100 in their competition that closes today?  If you hurry and name your favourite muppet you too could enter and play daft but invigorating games in front of the TV set if you win.

Now muppet favouritism is tricky because all the characters are so lush.  In the end I whittled my choice down to two that I just couldn't chose between.  With my penchant for rough men Animal had to be one of them. He's just so darned fanciable even if he is made out of foam!   And whilst  that reddish moustache puts me off  lusting after the Swedish chef he's the character that makes me laugh the most.  These instructions for donut making rate surely rate an all-time TV classic moment.

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