Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gambling with Time

This is the exact model and colour of the Dualit toaster that I won in an online competition back in June along with a matching kettle and £22 worth of vouchers for Burgen bread. A funny number I thought but it must have had something to do with the budget for the prize.   If you read my original post you might remember that I angsted over whether I should keep my booty, seeing that I owned both a toaster or kettle anyway, or whether I should sell it on.

In the spirit of generating good karma I gave away my old kettle and toaster and some of the vouchers and kept the new appliances.  I'm delighted that I did.   The kettle?  Well, its a lovely looking thing but in all honesty I wouldn't buy it especially.   The one stainless steel Sainsbury's one that I had before did the job just as well and cost less than a third of the Dualit's recommended price.  But the toaster is a different kettle of fish altogether.  The knobs turn making a satisfying clicking sound as they do so; the lever to lift the bread is smoothness itself and the toast is produced pronto and is to die for.  I'm converted to this British produced product which could last me a lifetime as all its parts are replaceable.  If anyone out there is in the market for a new toaster I'd urge you to stump up the extra cost.

Since this win though six weeks ago there's been zilch even though I religiously enter competitions on a daily basis with an investment of between thirty to sixty minutes a day.  It's begging a question. Could I be using spending time more productively and using it to generate income that would buy the things I'm trying to win?This has to be an experiment over a given period, say a year, to see if the payout in terms of pleasure and financial reward is worth all those hours spent.


  1. My daughter is a dedicated comper - and I think she seems to go thru 'dry' spells, then wins all sorts of random stuff all at once. If you enjoy it, keep going, but don't get obsessive. Use a timer and restrict yourself to 30mins,. When it pings, go off and do something else.
    Congrats on the toaster!
    summer blessings xx

  2. The thing with competitions is that you'll enter to win things you'd never buy even if you had the cash, so why not?