Saturday, 13 July 2013

If I Plant It,Will it Grow?

Let me share one of my particularly dark secrets today. Unlike it seems, most of the rest of the bloggers in the universe who show off their home grown wares with aplomb, I'm a crap gardener.  Plants don't flourish for me and, I admit,  there's a very easy rationale for that.   As my GCE O-level biology  taught me they need food, water and air to thrive and  dipstick that I am, I forget to give them what they require to thrive.  They don't call me veg murderer for nothing!

But I've had a breakthrough.  As we were leaving the excellent Riverford Field Kitchen after lunch the other day, Papa Lovelygrey spied a suffering tray of herbs which looked like they'd be looked after by a fellow horticultural numpty.  'If you think you can rescue them, take them' said an employee.  And we did.

Guess what?  I haven't killed them off.   An extra special trip to Trago Mills to buy potting compost followed and I've been remembering the H20 to boot. A fortnight has gone by and I've got the beginnings of a pot of mint, all ready add some zing to my cookery.  I'm dead chuffed.

It seems the fridge god has heard of my new green fingered bent for he's also provided  me with something to plant after a particularly long bruschetta free period.  Tere's three quarters of a bag of soil left over  so I'll rise to his challenge.  Do you think that I might be eating home grown garlic in the months ahead?


  1. I am working on keeping work in its place as well but it's not going down well with my boss and colleagues. Have you had any comments from anyone you work with? I've had one colleague looking at his watch as I came in. We work a flexi time system so I wasn't doing anything wrong. We definitely have the sort of workplace where we're all encouraged to do extra work at home plus even come into our workplace at the weekends. Very stressful.

  2. No - they're okay with it especially as I actually get more done away from the office! I don't stay away when we're thin on the ground staff wise though. I'll be doing a post soon on employee/employer relationships. Watch this space.

    PS I think that I've replied to a comment that should be under my 'Office in a Bag' post rather than what's lurking in my fridge. Ho hum! x