Tuesday, 9 July 2013

In a Flap Flapjacks

It was our school's Summer Fayre on Saturday, a bigger event than most as it doubles as the village show.  In past years I've volunteered my time copiously, helping to prepare the site and pack up plus manning a stall in the interim.  This year though I decided to have a breather and attend the fayre as a visitor with Louis, Nana Lovelygrey and Janet.  Jolly lovely it was too with the weather on our side for a change!

I didn't get out of toiling altogether.  There was the risk assessment to update to reflect the different activities and displays at the fayre.   The Morris Men are, by all accounts that I read whilst doing their research, a rather safe bunch. Tug of war, though is a different kettle of fish.  It's an accident waiting to happen with the potential for slips, trips and rope burns.

The other thing that I did was to contribute an offering for the cake stall.  Had I have not done so Louis would have had to don his school uniform whilst everyone else was in mufti as a reward for their mums' baking efforts.  And that would not do.  Yikes!  Late on Thursday evening I remembered that I was right out of eggs  even though I'd popped into Asda earlier. What's more, on Friday morning I discovered that my sugar supply was depleted.  Yes, a cup of tea with two sugars would have been possible but the amount was insufficient for any cake recipe I'd ever seen.

What to do?  I comtemplated cheesy scones  but in the end settled on the easiest flapjacks ever.  Just follow this recipe here  to rustle up something that can easily been made on a schoolday morning if you too are a crap mother.  Just shove them in the fridge to set after they've cooked.  What made mine extra specially yummy was, that instead of using second rate ingredients that I'll confess I nearly always do when baking for a fete, I used expensive stuff because that's all I had.  Wonderful organic jumbo oats, Tate & Lyle Golden syrup and seasalt and butter that both haled from Cornwall.    I was particularly miffed about the butter as I'd bought it as a special treat so had no qualms in keeping a few of my creations back for elevenses.  They were delicious and I think I might have deserved them!  

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