Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Maybe a Lender or Borrower Be? microloans from CARE International - Banner Ad
The online Guardian newspaper is a wealth of information.  Thank's to one of its recent articles about keeping cool during these sultry times my home is a little more bearable since I've started to emanate the Mediterranean folk and leave my windows and curtains closed in the daytime.  I read with interest an article highlighting just how commonplace porn is on the British High Street.  And then of course there's my daily quick crossword. Were you aware of the delightful pallindrome 'Mr. Owl ate my metal worm'?

Yesterday I clicked through to a sponsored feature about these guys,  This organisation vets the ideas of entrepreneurs in the Third World and then seeks financial backers for those ideas that meet funding criteria.  A minimum of £15 is needed to invest in a tiny business that has the potential of helping someone break free from a cycle of poverty.  What's more, unlike a charitable donation, you should get your money back!  The website suggests that you then might like to invest it again to get another scheme off the ground.

So, I've got myself a loan - as a lender of course.  I was moved by the fact that Hannefan Bibi in Pakistan needed just £112.24 to increase her shop's stock to a level where  income from it would increase by nearly 50%.   I'm looking forward to my updates to see if her plan succeeds!

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  1. I've been doing Lend with Care for about a year now, and have £45 invested with various entrepeneurs. Once the payments received back reach £15 (the minimum amount of a loan) I reinvest with someone else. I like to choose people who only need a small loan, and preferably an older woman with several children (like myself). I get great pleasure from knowing I'm helping someone help themselves and its fun reading all the profiles and deciding who to loan to.