Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Ms Fat Arse Strikes Again

One croissant too far on holiday methinks!  There I was lazing in my beloved Lafuma sunlounger and booomf!  I ended up falling through the frame as one of the supporting laces broke under my not inconsiderable weight.  What sacrilege! I nearly spilled my wine to boot.  That will never do.

The majority of people these days would throw the chair away.  A few of you out there would hunt high and low, finding something that would make do to restring the chair.  Cut up nylon stockings maybe?  Inventive yes, but this would not make for an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.  With Lafuma, however there is a middle way.  They sell spares for their chairs.  There's touch up paint, spare cushions and yes replacement lacing in three different hues.

To ring the changes and give my chair a bit of a makeover I chose black lacing to give it a blanket stitch effect.  Three cheers for any manufacturer, who in this throw away society make spares easily available so that their products will outlive their competitors.

Since winning the Burgen bread competition,  I've discovered that  replacement elements and timers for my Dualit toaster are  readily available too.  Decathlon, my favourite French sportswear brand often have a little pocket sewn into their clothes containing a piece of material for patching.  And when  Lou's JD Bug scooter was purchased, part of the decision to choose that brand was the availability of  replacement parts.   There are so many factors to take into account when making ethical buying choices.  Perhaps in terms of giving yourself Brownie points this could be one of them.


  1. In many of the warmer countries hardware shops sell this elastic lacing by the metre. On our last holiday to family apartment in Spain me and my mum relaced similar chairs , they need doing regularly as the sun perishes the rubber. The replacement stuff cost pennies and was freely available in many of the local shops - much more sensible and economical than here in the UK where maintaining items isn't seen as the norm. Your revamped chair looks great :)

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