Monday, 1 July 2013

Nigella's Nutella Cake (Sort of!)

As my family have been visiting this weekend I've steered away from the usual humble fayre and rustled up a belly busting feast.  A huge tray of slow cooked ribs and wings was accompanied by perfect mash and followed by a strawberry pavlova.  Then yesterday we had chicken with roasted vegetables followed by this beauty.  It's one of Nigella's recipes which I've put a link to here.

The thing is that I didn't follow the instructions exactly.  What the hell is Frangelico when it's at home?  It doesn't grace Asda's shelves.   I haven't got time to trudge up to some Italian monastery before I start cooking.  Even a trip to Waitrose in Torquay, where I understand it may be available, is a journey to far.  Let's use the alcohol to hand.  A nice glug of Calvados left over from my Breton holiday.

The bastardisation doesn't stop there.   Why chefs insist on unsalted butter, especially when they've added salt at a different stage of the recipe I'll never know.   An extra egg to make up for the fact that I only had medium ones rather than large. A smaller but deeper sized tin made for a fatter cake with a longer cooking time and meant that I only needed to use 100g of chocolate in the topping.   Ground hazelnuts were replaced by the ground almonds I already had.  And I didn't bother with taking the skin of the decorative hazelnuts on top.  Mine retained their little papery jackets whilst Nigella's nuts are nude!   I've just realised that with all those alterations, I've steered away sufficiently from the recipe for this to be credited as a creation all of my own.  A slice of Lovelygrey's Nutella Cake anyone?


  1. That cake looks splendid. Tweaking someone else's recipe is quite in order - fancy liqueurs and larger eggs don't grace my cupboards either. And I am sure your family were all very happy with it - I am afraid that the best cakes in the world couldn't make Nigella's family happy right now, all very sad.

    summer blessings x

  2. it looks mouth wateringly good! yum