Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pierced Minotaur with a Six Pack!

Louis is like a mini arithmetical calculator.  It's lovely to watch him performing complex calculation in his head.  You can almost  see the cogs in this head whizzing around  as his eyes move up and down.  Then plop! Out comes the answer.

He doesn't view himself as an artist though which is a shame as among the detritus that spews forth from his his school bag, there's some good stuff.   I've already showed off  one of his paintings in a previous post. That now has pride of place on the landing.  The end of term booty contained not one, but two treasures that I want to keep in my art collection for ever and ever.  There's a 'gay' collage that needs a frame or something.  I'll wait to show that off when it's been mounted.  My favourite though is this intricate cutout with a gold stud made from a paper fastener.  Given the subject matter maybe he should have used a BULL-dog clip instead!

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