Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Plenty of Swims To Be Getting On With

Here's an utterly brilliant resource to be using now that the hot weather is with us. Feeling a bit sweaty after work and wanting to cool off?   Well head on over to Wild Swim, the website of the Outdoor Swimming Society and they'll show you a map giving hundreds, nay thousands,  of places that you can have a  lovely refresing dip  at beaches, rivers, lakes and outdoor pools right across the UK.  I'm hoping that there'll be a great choice in the vicinity of each and every one of my lovely blog readers so plenty of ideas for cheap days out.

Lou and I headed to Spitchwick on Dartmoor on Monday for a quiet evening swim that turned out to be a little more lively than expected.  Many others had the same idea of heading off to this popular River Dart swimming and tomb stoning spot on what was a scorcher of a day.  The peace was wrecked  a little bit  more by the appearance of the Air Ambulance as someone had fallen off a rope swing over the water.  Due warning that many of these places are patrolled by a gang of bronzed and buffed lifeguards so you need to watch out for yourselves and make sure that you not out of your depth - literally and metaphorically.

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