Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Reporting Back for Re-Inspection Sir!

This is my store cupboard for dry goods and cans. It is, I'll admit, an absolute disgrace.  There's rather too many  opened packets where I've used the ingredient once in a recipe and then the remainder has languished ready for the weevils to take residence. Someone in the depths of this muddle there's also rather a lot of jars of impulsed purchased anchovies (don't ask!).

Seeing that I'd like a bit of cash for, not one but, two holidays in August and September, using some of this stuff up in the meantime and saving on grocery bills might be a jolly good call.   I'll give you a progress report with photographic evidence in a months time!


  1. OMG that looks a mess. I'd like to see an 'after photo'. Good luck.

  2. Be creative.

    Pasta salads will use up the open bags and get rid of some of the more questionable canned goods.

    Good luck