Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Will Anyone Join Me?

Tradition has it that as autumn approaches I leaf through those adult education guides that can also be found in a library near you.  Not that I was going to commit myself to a long regular class.  I stopped that malarkey a while back so that my time out of work could be more spontaneous.  I am in the market for day long courses though.  What I have noticed is that these are blooming expensive these days if you're paying the full fee.

I wrote last year about a couple of websites offering free courses from rather distinguished universities around the world.   Udacity is still rather science and technology based but Whoaw! the scope of Coursera has widened considerably.  Go and have a look!  I've signed up for two of their classes, a dementia care course provided by John Hopkins University and Pennsylvannia State University's Creativity, Innovation and Change.

The latter starts on 1 September and runs for 6 weeks.  It takes 6-8 hours of time weekly, more than an evening class I'll grant you but studying is much more flexible.  My first piece of homework has been set.  I've been asked to recruit a cohort of individuals to study alongside me and I've been ask to be creative in doing so.  Doesn't getting a random set of bloggers together and seeing how innovative they can be  seem like a good idea.  Is anyone up for it?  If you are sign up and let me know!

PS: Follow this link to hear an excellent Radio 4 programme about Coursera to find out a bit more about the philosophy behind the organisation.


  1. Thank you for the links. I've been doing Open University courses on and off for the past 20 years but they are so expensive now. I would love to finish my degree with them, but 15 hours a week study is a big commitment even though I don't work. These free courses sound just the thing to keep my mind ticking over without the need to invest loads of time or money.

  2. Thanks Julie, had an interesting browse and have signed up for the Alzheimer's Care course! See you there! Am also doing one through the OU about Dementia Care. X