Tuesday, 13 August 2013

2013 Spending Rules Updated

I haven't mentioned my 2013 spending rules for a couple of months so some of you may have inferred that I've gone way off kilter.  So it's time for a quick overview.  Let's see how I've been doing.
  • Books:  Just two lapses here m'lord.  An old Rough Guide to Barcelona bought for the princely sum of 50p in advance of our trip in the New Year.  The other?  Well, it's a textbook about something I'm mulling over for work where Internet information was just too sparse.  In my defence let me say that if my hunch works I may be able to substantially improve the lives of people living with advanced dementia. There's a tip to be had here.  Do you really need the most up to date edition of an academic text? Older ones can often be had for a song. The latest edition of the book that I bought was over forty quid whereas my older version, containing all the basic information that I needed, cost less than a fiver.  
  • Shop bought lunches:  I can't recall the time that supermarket sandwiches passed my lips so I've done well here.  Gold stars all round!
  • Shelf consuming knick knacks: Just a Bernard Moss buying flurry back at the beginning of July to own up to!
  • Cards and wrapping paper.   Nope, nothing here.
  • Craft materials:   Or here too!
  • Kitchen gadgets::  Only a replacement food processor.  There's more to say about this in another post.  Let me also say that I have managed to dissuade Louis from buying a doughnut maker.  I must look into how you make these using non bespoke kitchen equipment.
  • Alcohol for lone consumption. There's the occasional lapse.  After all it's summer and there's nothing like a cool beverage in the garden after a hard day's graft.  My 2011 self would be astonished though at how infrequently this occurs.
  • And finally.... those clothes.  The rulebook went sailing out the window months ago.  After all,there's nothing that I love more than a rummage around a charity shop!

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